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Virus warnings usually fall into one of the following two categories.  They are either genuine Virus's (or Worms, Trojans, etc.) or more often, they are simply Hoaxes.  For updated Virus & Hoax info, go to http://www.europe.f-secure.com/virus-info/ (or http://www.symantec.com/ or to your favorite virus software's website).  The links below are provided by the F-Secure Anti-Virus Support Team at DataFellows, and will jump you to their website. 

Hoax warnings
Hoax warnings are typically scare alerts started by malicious people - and passed on by innocent users who think they are helping the community by spreading the warning.

Virus Info
The F-Secure database is updated several times a week. Their virus description service was started on the 13th of June, 1994, making it the first service of it's kind..

General Virus Descriptions, Hoax Warnings & F-Secure File Updates.