Welcome to iNET2000.com ~ Prince Albert's Internet Provider.

Wireless High Speed Broadband Internet
as low as $29.99 / month with $99 Basic Installation!*

Our ever expanding Coverage areas now cover more than 4000 square miles, and may be coming to an area near you.



Jun 2008

Waskesiu can now get High Speed



Mar 2008

Elk Ridge Resort can now get High Speed



Nov 2007

Paddockwood & Area can now get High Speed



July 2008

Greig Road & Area can now get High Speed



Aug 2007

HWY 320 East - Expanded High Speed Coverage



Aug 2007

MacDowall - Expanded High Speed Coverage



July 2006

Meath Park & Area can now get High Speed



July 2006

Wierdale & Area can now get High Speed



May 2006

Spruce Home & Northside areas can now get High Speed


Nov 2005

Candle Lake, Shellbrook, Rostern, Weldon & Melfort areas
can now get Non-Line-of-Sight High Speed Internet


Aug 2005

Birch Hills & Area can get High Speed
Including Hagen, Brancepeth, Coxby Rd & Area


Feb 2005

Aspen Estates can now get High Speed


Jan 2005

Hwy 302e can now get High Speed


Nov 2004

Albertville, Henribourg & Area can get High Speed


Aug 2004

Silver Willow can now get High Speed


Aug 2003

Domremy, Bellevue & Wawkaw areas can get High Speed


Aug 2002

Red Deer Hill Area can now get High Speed


Aug 1999

Prince Albert Coverage Expanded - Two Towers!


Sept 1997

Prince Albert area gets High Speed Wireless Internet!
The First Rural High Speed available in Saskatchewan!


Rural High Speed Internet
"High Speed Express" - from $29.99 / month!
"High Speed Basic" - from $39.99 / month!
with No Wireless Gear to purchase!

PLUS - 1/2 price installation (
just $99)

High Speed "Basic" is our most popular package,
however we offer other plans for other budgets

High Speed Express - as low as $29.99 / month!
High Speed Extreme - as low as
$49.99 / month!

Regular Price for High Speed Basic = $44.99 mo plus $199 for Basic installation.
Shipping, Supplies, Mileage & Extraordinary Labor extra if required. Ask for details.

    iNET2000.com High Speed Internet is available to:

  • Prince Albert, and up to a 100Km range, including Silver Willow, Aspen Estates, Hwy 302, Russtan Rd, Hazelwood Rd, Spencer Rd, East Central, Cecil, Lincoln Park Rd, West Central & Lilly Plain areas.

  • Albertville / Spruce Home / Henribourg / Meath Park / Paddockwood area, including Lato Rd, White Star Rd, John's Rd, Tower Rd, Honeymoon, Gardener Rd & Gobeil Rd areas.

  • Red Deer Hill / Macdowall area, including Clouston, Davis, Osborne Rd, West Central Rd, Royal Rd, Lindsay Rd, Halcro Dr & Gerrond Rd areas

  • High Speed Internet Connections with Plans from 10x to 50x faster than Dialup! Starting at just $29.99 / month!

  • Lower Startup Costs.  Our Wireless Network coverage is huge & mature and we don't have to charge huge up front costs to get you setup.  Some providers charge $300 or $400 or even more to get your connected to even their basic plans. iNET2000.com can connect customers for as little as $29.99 / month with $99 Installation!*

  • Only iNET2000.com can offer Higher Speed internet to EVERYONE in the area.  Our Low Cost Wireless service is available to EVERYONE with a line-of-sight to one of our many tower locations, plus our extended range High Speed Lite and our Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless technology can reach absolutely everyone, everywhere, no matter what other providers may have told you.

  • iNET2000.com has the widest coverage in the area. With many tower locations we blanket over 4000 Square Miles of coverage!  Plus our High Speed Lite and Non-Line-of-Sight Services bring coverage to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, even those outside the coverage areas of our other types of service.

Prince Albert Area Coverage Map

The Green areas show our
"Line-of-sight" coverage areas.

The Red areas show our
"NON-Line-of-sight" Coverage.
NLOS $49.99 / month.

Rural High Speed Internet as low as $29.99 / month with
Basic Installation from

iNET2000.com has the
widest coverage in the area!
Over 4000 Square Miles!

In addition to these coverage
areas, our Satellite Based
Non-Line-of-Site Technology
can reach everyone,
, period!

* Ask for details on these
exciting limited time
introductory offers. Not every
single service is available in
every location, however at
least one of our Higher Speed
Internet services CAN reach
you, guaranteed!

Every iNET2000.com Account Includes:

  • Up to 6 Email Addresses, FREE!

  • 24 x 7 Emergency Tech Support

  • Personal Web Site, FREE!

  • Webmail Access with Hotmail Like features.

  • Bonus Dialup Account for Emergencies, or for access from Cabin or Work location.

FREE Management Features:

  • FREE Virus Protection

  • FREE Adware protection

  • FREE Spyware Protection

  • FREE SPAM / Junk Mail Protection


About iNET2000.com:

  • iNET2000.com has been providing Internet to PA and the Rural Area since 1997!
  • iNET2000.com was the first provider to offer High Speed in Prince Albert, even before SaskTel
  • iNET2000.com is the only Full Time ISP in the Prince Albert are.  We do not sell computers, cellular, radio, phone, telephone or television services.  Internet is NOT a sideline, it is our core business.
  • iNET2000.com offers 24x7 emergency technical support and we can help you with your computer & internet support problems!
  • iNET2000.com is the only internet provider in the area to offer several choices of Higher Speed Internet to everyone in the entire Prince Albert calling area, including ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE with 763, 764, 765, 922, 953, 982 & 989 numbers.

Finally, High Speed Internet in places you never though possible!  If your home or your community does not have High Speed right now, ask us how we can solve that situation for you!   We can connect you home, your school, your building or your entire town to the Internet at speeds 10x, 20x, even 50x faster than regular dialup providers!  We offer High Speed Services via a number of different technologies, including Phone Line, Wireless and Satellite.

We can provide High Speed Internet, Data and Voice services to:

  • Residential Home Offices, Farms, Acreages and surrounding communities.
  • Remote Fishing & Hunting Camps
  • Remote Rural Communities
  • Schools, Churches, Banks and Government Offices
  • First Nations Reserves
  • Condominiums & Apartment Buildings
  • Anyone outside the reach of ADSL / Cable

* $0 Setup Fees refers to the Basic Wireless Hardware, a $399 value that we provide free to new residential wireless customers.
There may still be labor, installation, mileage or supplies costs associated with getting your location connected to the internet.

RURAL HIGH SPEED - Available EVERYWHERE in Saskatchewan, Period!          Our Rural High Speed Services start at just $39.99 / month!          Or get High Speed Lite (up to 6x faster than Dial-up) available EVERYWHERE from just $19.99!          Only iNET2000.com can provide Rural High Speed Internet via Satellite, Wireless or High Speed Lite services.          No matter where you live, get faster, more convenient Internet in places other providers say it's unavailable!          Phone 922-8700 for more information.

If you have any questions about the website, our services, prices or products, please don't hesitate to call or email us at info@inet2000.com.