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Rural High Speed Internet

No matter where you live!


Top Four Reasons People LOVE their iNET2000.com Rural High Speed!


High Speed Internet is available
right now, to everyone in Saskatchewan!

  1. Fast! 15x - 60x times faster than SaskTel Dial-up!
  2. Totally Frees up Phone!  Talk & Surf at the same time!
  3. Unlimited Use!  Always On - 24 Hrs / Day!
  4. Available EVERYWHERE in Saskatchewan, PERIOD!

We currently have installers available throughout Saskatchewan and across the country - including La Ronge Prince Albert, Weyburn, Edmonton, Morinville and many, many other locations.  PLUS, we're hiring and expanding all the time!  Do you have what it takes to be an installer?

More info at: www.RuralHighSpeed.ca


Rural High Speed Internet

Hardware Purchase
Reg $399! (including all System Access Fees)

Basic Installation

* Net prices after Rebates & Discounts are applied.
Taxes, Shipping, Supplies, Mileage & Programming extra if applicable. Subject to change at any time.

  • Finally!   No more lengthy file downloads!  Even our Basic Residential service will be 15 to 25 times faster than a typical SaskTel Dialup account.  Imagine downloading a 4 MegaByte file in a minute or two, rather than having to wait 1/2 an hour or more!  For high end users, up to 60x faster is available!

  • iNET2000.com's Rural High Speed is a totally Wireless Technology - so it gets 100% separate from your phone line!  You can Upload & Download totally without using your phone line, and you are free to talk on the phone at the same time as the internet is being used.

  • iNET2000.com's Rural High Speed is an ''Always On'' service, with Unlimited Online Time.  No more dialing, logging in, user ID's, passwords and lengthy delays to even get online!  With iNET2000.com's Wireless & Satellite services, you just open your Web Browser, and you are directly on the Internet!

Has SaskTEL previously told you that  "you can't get High Speed"?


 SaskTEL Satellite Internet, Powered By Xplornet is available RIGHT NOW!






Why are you still using Dialup? 

  • Far faster than SaskTel Dialup!  Typically 15 to 25 times faster!

  • Does not use phone line!  Talk and Surf at once!

  • Unlimited Online Time!  No surprise overtime charges!

  • Best of all:  Available everywhere in Saskatchewan!

NOTE: If you are within a clear line of sight to one of our Wireless broadcast towers
(Prince Albert, Albertville, Spruce Home, Henribourg, Meath Park, Wierdale, Red Deer Hill,
Domremy, Bellevue, Hoey, St Louis, Birch Hills, Weldon, MacDowall, Elk Ridge, McPhee Lake, Waskesiu,)
then you can probably get our "line-of-sight" wireless service instead,
for as little as $29.99 / month!

Ask for more information.

Ask for Details on our Group Purchase Programs.  If you have 5+ people in your
area who want High Speed Service, we may be able to negotiate an even better deal!
Low Monthly
Rural High Speed Satellite Internet
$56.95 / Month*

No Charge Hardware Purchase (Antenna & Modem) *
Plans available up to 1.5 Mbit / Second.  *Prices shown are Net after Rebates & Specials and subject to change without notice. Regular Monthly Price is $66.95.
*You will be billed just $56.95 / month with a 3 year agreement. Other options available.
Additional fees may apply for shipping, mileage, programming, activation, cable & installation supplies.  Ask for Details before ordering.

Call (306) 922-8700
and ask for "Todd the Rural High Speed Guy",
or email info@inet2000.com with any questions!

  NEW 26"
Telesat MiniDish.
  LincSat / DirecWAY
Elliptical Dish.

FINALLY.  You can talk on the phone, and surf the internet at the same instant anywhere in Saskatchewan!
Plus, download MP3 songs and .ZIP files at 10, 30, even 60 times faster than a standard dialup modem!
Call (306) 922-8700 today!

** Hardware Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars and include outdoor antenna and indoor modems only.  Taxes, Shipping & Handling, Cables, Mounts, Masts, plus Configuration, Commissioning,  Installation, Mileage, Labor are extra as required.  NOTE: Additional charges may also apply to non-standard locations & non-standard premises - for example Fly-in fishing camps, Steep Pitch or Metal Sheathed Roofs, Concrete Block Walls or premises needing safety climbing gear or structural reinforcement.  Ask for details.

Finally!  High Speed Internet is available to anyone, anywhere!   Even those who live in the Rural Prince Albert calling area, OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN SASKATCHEWAN - PERIOD!  That's right, no matter what the Phone company or Cable company has told you, High Speed is no longer just available in larger towns and cities.
High Speed Internet is available right now,
to everyone, living anywhere in Saskatchewan!

Downloads will be faster than you ever thought possible, and it will totally free up your phone line so you can talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same instant, anywhere in the province!

No longer is High Speed Internet just available to the lucky few who live inside a certain area.
With iNET2000.com,
you can get High Speed Internet Everywhere!

If you have any questions about the website, our services, prices or products, please don't hesitate to call or email us at info@inet2000.com.